Developing a job description is not an easy task. You have to make sure it includes the capabilities and skills required and appeals to the right candidates. Job descriptions often pass through several revisions and multiple people.

As a result, you might end up inadvertently missing some of the most important features of a job description — the elements that help you attract candidates who fit the job.

Here are three important things to never leave out of a job description.

  1. A clear overview of the position

If you don’t have a clear overview of the position, you aren’t likely to get resumes from candidates who have what you want for the job. If you advertise for an experienced social media manager with an analytics background and creative capability, people with those skills and background will apply.

But if the job posting asks for a host of things not necessarily related to social media management, including database, administrative and information technology skills, your candidate pool may be more heavy on these things than on managing your social.

Long story short: Your organization needs to decide what is most wanted in a candidate, and clearly advertise for that.

  1. Salary

Yes, some organizations always list the salary, and others never do.

The fact is, listing a salary range is the prudent thing to do when composing a job description.

It can help you clarify the job description. You might list all the things the job candidate would ideally do, and realize you have described a mid-level or senior person. If that’s what you want, you need to be prepared to pay the market rate for that.

It also saves time and misunderstanding when you get to the negotiation stage of the hiring process. You don’t run the risk of your ideal candidate suddenly wanting more than the budgeted salary.

It saves time and misunderstanding for the candidates as well. They will have a clear understanding of the level of compensation you want and need.

  1. Information About the Company Culture

As important as skills and experience are, many people think fit with the company culture is one of the most important things a job candidate needs to have in order to be successful on the job.

So develop your job description to reflect the company culture. Describe a day in the life of the job, for example.

Compose the description in the style of the company. If you’re a do-things-by-the-book, conservative organization, post a do-things-by-the-book job description. If you’re a creative and innovative culture, make the description creative and innovative.

In both instances, the potential employees drawn to your postings will be drawn for the right reasons: They are attracted to your culture and the way you do things.

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