Americans are increasingly not taking time off from work. Fifty-five percent of them don’t take any vacation they’ve earned, citing large workloads and anxiety that someone else’s performance in their position when they’re away could cause them to lose their jobs. Sixty-one percent take some vacation time, but not all they’ve accrued.

Employers are sometimes reluctant to allow employees to take time off. After all, a staff member on vacation, or just a day off, is a staff member who’s not working. Companies in a time crunch may fear a breakdown in productivity when employees take time off.

But in fact, it’s very important to allow your employees to take time off. Here’s why.

Breaks allow your employees to relax and rest their brain.

Human beings need to recharge to be at their peak. Even a championship runner can’t run nonstop. They need to rest between competitions. It’s the same with every employee. Breaks allow a recharge, and time to relax and rest their brain.

Time off can lead to a deeper recharge than the ordinary hours off work during a 24-hour period. People relax more deeply when they have days or a week off. They sleep better.

They come back to work rested and recharged.

Time off can make an employee more productive and more focused when they return.

They also come back more productive and more focused. Seventy-two percent of human resource professionals think vacations improve worker productivity, and nearly 70 percent think time off improves employees’ performance.

Sixty-seven percent think staffers return from time off more engaged with the company and their work.

A staffer coming back from vacation or personal days returns as a more productive worker. That benefits your business. So does enhanced performance and increased engagement.

Productivity spikes can help your business.

A worker who returns as a more productive person is akin to a new enhanced system you’ve invested in. Their increased productivity, across the firm as per worker, will lead to productivity spikes in your business.

After all, if someone told you investing in a new database or system would improve productivity, you’d do it, right? Allowing employees to take time off is no different. It will grow your business’s productivity.

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