Areas we serve: Staffing, Recruiting, Training, Sign Language

At Graham, we place professionals in a variety of projects in both the government and private sectors. We also tailor and deliver training. And we serve the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing with our great Sign Language interpreters. No matter the project or the client mission, we customize our solutions. With our GSA Schedules, we make it easy to fulfill the needs of various government customers.

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Sign Language Interpreting

Graham also places American Sign Language interpreters to provide communication access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. For every kind of interpreting need, from government needs, public events, to awards ceremonies, to one-on-one meetings, to medical appointments, to parent-teacher meetings, to job interviews or trainings, Graham interpreters are qualified and able to provide sign language services.

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Industries we serve include:

Federal, state and local governments

Large nongovernmental organizations

Nonprofit organizations

Finance companies

Technology firms

Consulting firms

Medical organizations and clinics

Human resources companies

Telecom companies

Marketing firms

Biotechnology firms