Staffing companies can be an immense source of support for companies and busy managers. Most managers tend to think of them as firms that can help with hiring people. They can, of course: it’s one of the primary tasks they accomplish.

What Staffing Companies Do

“Hiring people” involves much more than making that hiring decision. They can handle the administrative details associated with hiring, such as developing job descriptions, placing job postings, and reviewing incoming resumes and cover letters. They help you get to the pool of candidates you want to interview by doing the bulk of the work

They also have access to a wider pool of candidates than most companies do.

They can also screen and pre-interview candidates, assist with interviewing, and vet and check references for top candidates. At Graham Staffing Services, we go above and beyond that. Not only can we find high-quality candidates during the screening and interviewing process, but we also assure the quality by performing skills testing and background checks for each potential candidate.

If certain seasons or periods are exceptionally busy, or you’re having difficulty finding qualified candidates, they can help find, recruit and screen temporary employees. These employees can be added in busy periods and laid off if work slows again.

If one of them proves a valuable employee, you can hire them permanently.

Best Practices in Working With a Staffing Agency

How do you get all you can out of the partnership with a staffing agency? The answer: Make them your partners. Supply your staffing provider with as much information as you can about your company and overall goals.

Are you aiming toward a better-educated and more proactive workforce? Are you ramping up production? Are you opening a new office in another locale?

What are your opportunities in both staffing and non-staffing areas? Are you at a competitive advantage? Is there a growing market for your services?

What are your challenges? Having enough staff? Recruiting for entry-level positions? For senior-level positions? Ensuring you have a team that works together?

What’s unique about your company? Do you need help finding employees who fit the company culture? Do you want to transition the culture to a different set of values? How do you recruit and retain people?

The better your staffing company knows you, the better they can tailor their efforts to your needs. They can provide knowledge, expertise, and resources to meet both challenges and opportunities.

Graham Staffing Services Can Help!

Staffing agencies can help you in ways besides staffing. Put Graham Staffing Services to work for you by contacting us today!